"Counselors who Ride"
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Art of Redirection Counseling
6821 Main St. Suite C
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805


Are your relationships where you would like them to be?

Are you or someone you love 
addicted to electronics and looking for help?

Are you concerned with a family member viewing porn?

We are discrete, experienced and confidential!​
(Telephone and Online counseling also available)

Are you having a hard time connecting with your teen?

Is your spouse done with the relationship?

Have you tried traditional counseling and were not able to 
get the help you need?

Are you looking for a counselor who is "down to earth real" and you can relate to?

Have you tried couples counseling before but did not get 
what you needed for your relationship?

Are you looking for REAL Marriage Counseling
that works?

Are you looking for an Intensive, Marriage Retreat or 
Weekend Workshop 
to help put the passion / love / intimacy 
back in your relationship?

Just about everyone has heard the term “counseling.” Frequently most traditional counseling becomes a routine form of problem solving with counselors empathetically listening to your problems, sympathizing with your situation, using active listening techniques to repeat the problems back to you with different terminology to show they're listening, and recommend obvious solutions to your problems – solutions you could have probably found yourself online.
At Art of Redirection Counseling, we do things differently. Everyone says they are different because they want to stand out from the crowd, be unique, show off their new masters degree in counseling and tell you how they can help you with your problems.
We don't tell you, we show you. We expand your awareness and teach you specific things to gain knowledge and understanding and redirect you to make the changes in your life you are looking for.
Rob & Kathy provide an exceptional experience through counseling clients together in Intensives and certain couples sessions providing the unique ability for couples counseling with the two counselors together with the couple in session / Intensives, to work through certain issues that may not be as profitable with just one counselor.

 We are UN - Conventional / NON-Traditional counselors,
 doing counseling in a very different way!

Individual, couples and family counseling
 in non-traditional, easy to understand methods. 
We provide clear understanding and focused direction
 to help people redirect their lives in healthier and 
more productive ways.

         We are honored to serve all Veterans and 1st Responders 
regardless of ability or inability to pay for sessions.

 Our desire is to help people struggling with their relationships in a REAL way. 
Let us help you understand and overcome 
the challenges you face and 
have the life and 
relationships you truly desire!

"As 'professional' counselors, we want you to know we are 'real' people, passionate about life, each other and helping others. We don't look down our noses or think people aren't good enough...We're US Marine Parents, Firefighters, ride Harleys, hunt and other exhilarating activities.
We've been there and want to come along side you and your spouse and help you with the hard stuff like intimacy, anger issues, immaturity, pornography addiction, ED, blended family issues, challenging children and more and help you overcome it, grow and learn how to have the passionate, vibrant intimate relationships you want and need."

Rob & Kathy
"Mechanics of the Soul"​

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Blue Cross, Medicare, Tricare, Military One Source and some other insurances accepted..
Confidential online and telephone counseling is available and allows us to do work where circumstances may hinder a face-to-face session. We have the privilege to work with clients from across the country and the world.