Groups for men, women & spouses are on a donation basis.
Please give what you can to help with utilities, space rent, books, materials & more.
Group Counseling

Men'€™s Accountability Groups:
These groups are for men focusing on issues aggravated by anger, sexual temptation
and emotional anorexia. The main goal is to understand the dynamics of sexual 
addiction and emotional anorexia and develop the tools for a lifetime of commitment and sobriety. We teach a deep understanding of the emotional anorexia and how to reestablish a healthily loving relationship with your wife and other family members.

Women's Support & Accountability Group:
These groups for those desiring to grow and heal from the affects of living with a sex addict
and / or an emotional anorexic. Focusing on accountability and growth in areas of
codependency, depression, reactive emotional anorexia and learning how to move beyond the current situation in a warm, educational and supportive atmosphere that will
enhance understanding, fulfilling growth and development.

NEW Sexual Abuse Survivors Growth & Support Group:
Focusing on understanding the dynamics of sexual abuse recovery while
developing the tools for a lifetime of success and freedom while recovering and growing with others. Lead by an abuse survivor, Mary supports and help other women walk through healing from sexual, physical, mental, emotional and verbal abuse.

Sex Addiction Group for Women:
Focusing on understanding the dynamics of sexual addiction and emotional anorexia to develop the tools for a lifetime of success and freedom from being sexually driven.

Family counseling is also available.

Current Groups Schedule

Monday Evenings   6:00 -€“ 8:00 pm      Men'€™s Accountability Group

Tuesday Evenings  6:30 - 8:30 pm      Sexual Abuse Survivors Growth Group

Weds Evenings      6:30 - 8:30 pm      Women's Support & Accountability Group

Weds Evenings      6:00 - 8:00 pm      Sex Addiction Group for Women

The Women's and Men's Accountability Groups are held at 
5180 N. Union Blvd. in Colorado Springs

The Women's Sex Addiction groups are held at 
5080 Mark Dabling Blvd in Colorado Springs
in the Heart to Heart Bldg.

Men's Telephone Accountability Group available 
4:00 pm MST
 for those outside of Co. Spr.

Military Wives Help & Support Group: TBA
Military wives helping other military wives with weekly time to connect and come along side of eachother supporting one another through things only they truly understand.

Anxiety & Depression Groups: Available for men & women; TBA
These groups are bring awareness of causes & effects as well as a better understanding of how to deal with anxiety & depression with tools to overcome them