"Counselors who Ride"

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 If you are interested in attending a group 
please call us at 208-267-9228

“Night Activities” 

Youth Mentoring Program

 “Instilling character through redirection”  

A strength based mentoring program for youth, 
(who may be experiencing problems
at home, school, or in the community) because these challenging children are leaders in the making.

A unique Youth Mentoring Program focused
on wilderness emergency response, survival
games, search and rescue and emergency services.

A ten-week family program that consists of specific strength based activities that facilitate reinforcement of appropriate structure, limits and expectations. The family centered experiential activities will enable participants to re-learn necessary skills and concepts of accountability to function on a more respectful level at home, in school, and in the community.

Night Activities is a mentoring program where adult volunteers will assist in all the training that occurs. This experiential program consists of specific wilderness activities with an emphasis on survival skills, search and rescue, and emergency services. Each session focuses on activities to help facilitate the reinforcement of structure, limits, and expectations, and enable the participant to learn self-reliance, self- control, and about their self-esteem.

  Art of Redirection is a family  
  centered, strength based program which 
  explains how and why children do what they 
  do. AOR also explains how we may reinforce 
  inappropriate behaviors without even 
  knowing it. Best of all, this program 
teaches you specific techniques to redirect 
inappropriate behaviors helping children 
become more accountable, responsible,  
respectful and mature.

Family counseling is also available.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor 
please call Rob and Kathy at 208-267-9228 


Nation-wide Men's TELEPHONE Accountability Group available 
Mondays at 5:00 pm PST

Men's Accountability Groups:
These groups are for men focusing on issues aggravated by addiction, anger, arrested development, sexual temptation and emotional anorexia. The main goal is to understand the dynamics of arrested development, sexual addiction and emotional anorexia and develop the tools for a lifetime of commitment and sobriety. We teach a deep understanding of arrested development and emotional anorexia, and how to reestablish a healthily loving relationship with your wife and other family members.