"Counselors who Ride"

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 If you are interested in attending a group 
please call us at 208-267-9228

Nation-wide Men's TELEPHONE Accountability Group available 
Mondays at 5:00 pm PST

Men'€™s Accountability Groups:
These groups are for men focusing on issues aggravated by addiction, anger, arrested development, sexual temptation and emotional anorexia. The main goal is to understand the dynamics of arrested development, sexual addiction and emotional anorexia and develop the tools for a lifetime of commitment and sobriety. We teach a deep understanding of arrested development and emotional anorexia, and how to reestablish a healthily loving relationship with your wife and other family members.

Women's Support & Accountability Groups:
These groups for those desiring to grow and heal from the affects of arrested development, co-dependency, sexual addiction or emotional anorexic. Focusing on accountability and growth in areas of codependency, depression, active and reactive emotional anorexia, arrested development and more, learning how to move beyond the current situation in a warm, educational and supportive atmosphere that will enhance understanding, fulfilling growth and development.

More benefits of the Groups:

Therapeutic work groups for men or women healing and growing.

Helps you understand the nature of your Arrested Development and its impact on you.

Therapeutic work groups for men and women dealing intimacy deprivations due to their own and/or a loved one's intimacy anorexia.

Helps you understand the nature of your or your spouse's intimacy anorexia and its impact on you.

Focuses on reducing your pain and helping you develop boundaries to deal with the anorexia.

Provides practical tools for recovery and coaching on how to use them.

Helps you understand the relational trauma you are struggling with provides support in working through the emotional fallout.

Increases knowledge of the impact of Arrested Development and the betrayal of addiction on your relationship as well as guidance on setting and maintaining more effective boundaries.

Builds in support and accountability to help you make and sustain change.

Family counseling is also available.