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We provide 

Rob & Kathy provide a REAL and unique experience through counseling clients together in Intensives and certain couples sessions providing the unique ability for couples counseling with the two counselors together with the couple in session / Intensives, to work through certain issues that may not be as profitable with just one counselor.

At times Rob often sees one spouse while Kathy sees the other, offering similar, consistent education and process which compliments and accelerates mutual growth of both spouses simultaneously.

2, 3 & 5-Day Intensives:
For individuals and couples, designed to create dramatic change and growth through providing a clear understanding and focused direction to establish a strong foundation to create or restore trust and a more intimate and loving relationship in the marriage.

In our 2, 3 & 5 Day Intensives we define the issues, help provide solutions and offer long term strategies for a successful and long lasting quality relationship. 
Each day you'll each have individual sessions, couple sessions, structured assignments and DVD therapy. Follow up sessions are available in person or by telephone counseling for those outside of the area.

Telephone Counseling:
Confidential telephone counseling allows us to do work where circumstances may hinder a face-to-face session. We have the privilege to work with clients from across the country and the world.

Video and Internet Counseling:
Rob is a MOS approved Zoom video counselor, available by internet and licensed in Idaho, Colorado and Montana.

Couples Counseling:
Couple sessions focus on identifying the issues, gaining an understanding of the issues while working to achieve successful communication and make changes to build intimate and loving relationships for a lifetime commitment.

Sessions focus on understanding where you are at, how you got there, how to overcome it and developing a loving intimate relationship based on love and respect.

Some sessions also help to identify an addiction, educate the client and spouse on the addiction, explain active recovery and help couples through critical phases of disclosure and moving into the process of recovery. This is done while helping the client to achieve success over the addiction while simultaneously working to restore and rebuild trust in their relationship with their spouse.

Intimacy Counseling:
Learn how to develop the intimacy you have always desired in your marriage. We focus on the 5 key areas in developing the trust, respect and love needed and desired in the relationship for a more fulfilling intimacy.

Individual Counseling:
Individual sessions for married men usually focus on specific issues such as arrested development, marital strife that are aggravated by drug, alcohol, electronic and pornography addictions and emotional anorexia. Men gain an understanding and direction how to grow through the arrested development while learning to take authority over the addiction and/or emotional anorexia, and overcome it for a lifetime of successful sobriety. They then develop the skills to win their wife's heart back and establish or reestablish the intimacy that has been absent for so long.

Single men gain an understanding and direction of how to take authority over the arrested development , addictions and emotional anorexia, grow and overcome them for a lifetime of successful sobriety.

Individual sessions with women enhance fulfilling growth and development, frequently focusing on accountability and growth in areas of codependency, reactive emotional anorexia and learning how to move beyond the current situation. Married women (& those women going to be) learning the tools and skills needed to ignite or reignite the love, commitment and intimacy in the marriage.

Other Individual sessions address most subjects the client needs to, educating and processing through necessary subjects.

Partners of Addicts Counseling:
Feelings of fear, hurt, anger, betrayal, and grief require empowered, compassionate, real and effective responses. We provide that specific guidance and direction. We help partners understand and heal through sessions that give answers to their questions like: How can I ever trust him/her again? Couples are helped through out the critical phases of disclosure, recovery and rebuilding trust and intimacy within the relationship.

Parenting & Family Counseling: We teach and empower you with understanding and clear direction to instill discipline and character with effective tools to address and redirect bad behavior and create positive and lasting change. We also offer workshops for parents and professionals.

Drug, alcohol, pornography and electronic addiction education and counseling available for men, women, teens and older kids.

Rob & Kathy also teach 
Parenting Workshops and accountability support groups.
Is your family in crisis due to the disruptive behavior of your child or children?

Are you tired of the endless battles, arguing and complaining?

Would you like to instill structure and teach them to be responsible, respectful and mature?

We have the answers and can help you!

We teach an 6 week workshop to  empower you with understanding and clear direction to instill discipline and character with effective tools to address and redirect bad behavior and create positive and lasting change. 
5 Day Intensives
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We welcome all civilians, 
military and their families.
We are a Military One Source, 
Tri-Care / Tri-West authorized network provider. 
We are honored to serve all veterans regardless of inability to pay for sessions.
We are UN- Conventional / 
NON-Traditional counselors,
 doing counseling in a 
very different way!
Individual, couples and family counseling
 in non-traditional, easy to understand methods. 
We provide clear understanding and focused direction
 to help people redirect their lives in healthier and more productive ways.